Erbium Doped Fiber Link Amplifier

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Micro Controller and Front
  • Control via USB, RS232, LAN, Ethernet
Wavelength ITU channel, 1520 ... 1577 nm (C-Band)
Input Power 0.5 ... 5 μW
Amplification ≤20 dB
Maximum Output Power 10 mW
Input / Output Connector FC/APC, SMF 28


The world’s best optical clocks realize an accuracy which surpasses other clock systems by orders of magnitude. Further improvements of optical clocks and the search for systematic effects demand for intercomparisons between the best optical clocks, which are often located in different labs or even different cities or countries. Optical fiber links are an efficient and powerful means to bridge these long distances between clocks.

Dissemination of extremely stable optical frequencies derived from optical clocks via optical fiber links will enable remote users to take advantage of the fantastic accuracy of optical clocks without the need to operate such a clock on site. Both applications benefit from existing optical fiber connections which are available all over the world. The DUAL EDFA has been engineered as bidirectional amplifier, which is a prerequisite for active fiber noise cancellation. It has been used successfully in recent experiments demonstrating world record performance of optical fiber links. Two independent amplifier units allow to use up to two fiber channels.


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